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Andover contains the westernmost point of Essex County, along the Merrimack river. It is bordered by Lawrence to the north, North Andover to the northeast, North Reading and Wilmington to the south, Tewksbury to the southwest. After all, we’re currently operating at an average of 150 annual projects. That’s nearly 6000 roof installations and upgrades. Hence, call  AB Carnes Roofing contractors Andover, Ma. Actual references can help in that decision. Our roofing team has years of experience installing CertainTeed Landmark and GAF Timberline roofing shingles.

Note: Please know that roofing is our specialization, not house painting, vinyl siding, window and door installations. This alone is what makes us the most experienced roofing company Andover, Ma 01810

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Dangers associated with installing a new roof

roofing contractors andover maFurthermore, during the Salem witch trials in 1692, Andover resident Joseph Ballard asked for help for his wife from several girls in the neighboring Salem village who were already identifying witches there

Whether it’s wear and tear, algae, or even just preventative maintenance: whatever the case, call us. If you’re an Andover homeowner, we can help. We’re ready to meet and exceed your roofing needs. Accordingly, we use only premium roofing materials such as CertainTeed Landmark and GAF Timberline Architectural shingles: that’s our priority. Let’s get started by finding roofing contractors Andover, Ma.

 Roofing Company Andover

Even more so, we have a quality standard transcending many other roofing companies. How? Most professionals believe ice and water protection overage is the standard. Here’s the truth. It’s not. The policy building code compliance we follow: Carlisle WIP ice and water barrier applications must be at least two feet beyond interior walls on all leading edges. Here’s our policy: we apply it all at least three feet beyond the interior wall. The choice is simple. Hence, give AB Carnes Roofing Company Andover, Ma. a call. Let’s get your roof done right.

 Additional Roofing Products Available

In addition to CertainTeed Landmark and GAF Timberline shingles we also install Carlisle Rubber Roofs.  The Carlisle roofing system is the most prestigious  single ply membrane in the world.  We can install TamkoIKO and Owens Corning roofing shingles too. Although these are not high on our list for quality and longevity some consumers have a strong preference toward one product over another. Our obligation is to provide you with as much information possible.