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We Don’t Recommend Metal Roofs And Here’s Why

Metal Roofs, such as standing seam and or inter locking type systems seem to have created a new wave of excitement, especially for the salesmen’s high pressure never ending sales pitch. Metal Roof Systems are expensive and do not live up to the hype that is delivered in the sale’s pitch.

  1. The paint finish is glossy like a freshly waxed car. This finish is like all other painted finishes, they fade and dull with continuous exposure to ultra violet rays. Paint does peel too!
  2. Metal dents, so falling limbs and hail could dent your new roof
  3. Walking on a Metal roof is dangerous at minimum because the finish is glossy and VERY slippery, especially when wet.
  4. Painters attempting to paint your house cannot attach staging to the Metal roof without making holes for the fasteners.
  5. Repairs to Metal roofs are difficult to nearly impossible. These panels interlock as the system says by it’s name. Trying to take them apart will leave dents and damage to the adjoining panels.
  6. Metal roofs tend to make more noise in rain and hail storms. Just visit anyone who lives in a mobile home during a rain storm and you will be surprised at the increase in noise. Similar to rain hitting an upside down metal drum.
  7. A Metal roof is like using a metal umbrella on a golf course during a thunder storm. Metal attracts lightning. Unless the house is properly grounded, a metal roof makes the house a lightning rod for danger.
  8. Snow avalanche danger: After a fresh snow, the heat from the sun warms the metal roof. Once this happens the snow just slides off the roof like an avalanche blocking doorways, preventing exiting in case of an emergency. This could injure someone standing near the house and it creates a mountain of snow that could and will damage foliage near the home. This also creates added work to remove snow from walk ways.

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